“Cargo Access Equipment - Hatch Cover System Service & Spares.”
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Hatch Cover Types We Deal With.

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CARGO ACCESS & SECURING EQUIPMENT FOR NEW SHIPS - "Total Solutions for Hatch Covers, Lashing Bridges , Container Fittings , Cell Guides and RORO System from World leading OEM"

• New Hatch Cover System for SHIPS from 4K DWT to 400K DWT BULK CARRIER. • up to 18,000 TEU for Mega Container Ships.
• Wide Range of RO-RO System includes 7000 UNITS PCTC and RO-PAX Vessel. • RORO SYSTEM for NAVY VESSELS.

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“Hatch Cover System Service we offer”

• Hatch Cover Health check-up & General Inspections with detail report with Pictures, recommend spares to be changed and repair procedure

• Hatch Cover Repairs & Repair Supervision

• Spare Parts - Hatch Cover Rubber Seals & fittings

• Weather tightness testing by Ultra sonic testing by SDT
• Hatch cover spare parts support by OEM



At every port entry Hatch Covers are opened and closed. Hatch Covers are an essential part of the ship’s load Line Certificate. Exposed on the deck they are subjected to dynamic sideways forces exerted by breaking seas.
Hatch Covers are heavy , strong and delicate pieces of equipment that requires constant care and attention to be able to withstand the rigours association with an ocean voyage. Hatch Covers are often overlooked or considered that only the contact between the rubber packing and compression bar will keep the weather tightness.
However, although rubbers packing seals and compression bars are of crucial importance, we cannot say that weathertightness cannot be achieved by the packing rubber and compression bar alone. only the combined action of all hatch covers parts with interface with parts on hatch coaming will allow a weathertight seal to be achieved.
For Surveyors and HC inspectors the art of checking lies in recognising and seeing signs or defects that might affect weathertightness integrity at an early stage so that corrective action can be initiated in the good time before a problem occurs.
This requires professional inspectors to inspect the HC covers, but also Ships crew to be familiar with the maintenance and operational issues as well as with bad practice or improper repair methods.
Hatch cover inspection require much more than a brief inspection, so that a quick check of compression bars and packing rubber alone is certainly not sufficient

It is Very Important to Organise on-board Maintenance or seek Professional advice from Surveyors or HC Inspectors who is have good understanding , knowledge of equipment , technical requirement in order to confirm that hatch covers are seaworthy and cargo worthy Condition and we can provide you that assistance. We can provide professional inspection & Maintenance support which are beyond the capability of the Ship’s crew.

We Can provide Services for all the leading Hatch Cover Make like.